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Saturday, May 20, 2006

We are now NYC liscened food handlers

It's been a rough week, We stayed up pretty late last night [about 2am] and in addition to designing t-shirts, figuring out how we are going to build our stand, and the million other things we have to do before next Thursday we studied for our food handling test. However, after waking up every day this week at 7am to sit in the dingy basement of the Department of Health from 9am to 12pm to learn all this stuff both Kalene and I passed the 50 question test as quickly as possible (soooo much to do...), we were the first 2 done and it was a huge relief! On the way back home we treated ourselves to a quick celebratory bite of sushi for lunch. After that we drove over to the Bowery for some more shopping.... there is so much to get.... After the Bowery we went out to Cha Cha's to meet the guy who was delivering our shortcake cart. he totally bailed on us for the second day in a row.... but we managed to get a few other things done and take some measurements and call dibs on a freezer to store some of our stuff. At night Kalene took a much needed break and went to a Bachelorette party ( my cousin, Jessie Stingo, is getting married in 2 weeks and Kalene and her are great friends) I stayed at home and worked on our station and then actually met them out for a late night drink.... another long but productive day.


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