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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

station replaced (sorta), lots of wood, No sign?

So i went to bed a bit early last night so I could forget about my shitty day and get a early start on everything in the morning, but Kalene stayed up super late and finished off the "mechanicals" for our stand. When I got up in the morning and saw them I was totally blown away, every single measurement, board, shelf, front view top view, side view, etc all re-created from my basic plan, I guess 4 years working at Pentagram taught her a thing or two.... after I got done admiring the stand, I immediately called Mike, the shortcake station guy to find out if he was going to screw us over or not.... Luckily he picked up the phone right away and was already trying to solve the problem. Since his store isn't too far from our house I took a walk down there to make sure everything was going to work out. When i got there he was already cleaning out a new station that we could use as a "loaner" while he fixed the other one. However, the "loaner station station is half the size of the one we have but at least it's something.... he said the other one should be fixed and re-delivered before we open on Thursday.. fingers crossed. The next stop was Lowes to pick up all of our lumber to build the stand. I let kalene sleep and spent the next 2 hours or so, shopping for wood, screws, latches, hinges and everything else needed to build or shortcake station. I didn't think it was all going to fit in the car, but as you can see it did. The rest of the day was spent cutting and measuring all the pieces for assembly out on the boardwalk tomorrow.... Kalene has been busting her ass trying to get our sign finished in time for our thursday opening, but it's not looking good. the paint and primer is taking longer than expected to dry, and if we rush it now it won't turn out the way it's supposed too... we'll see. After cutting I made some quick BBQ chicken and asparagus on the grill for dinner and then we went back to Lowes for more supplies that we realized we still needed. Oh we also returned a bunch of stuff that we've been meaning to return for like 4 months.... tomorrow will be another busy day, we are going to be out at coney most of the day building our stand and cleaning out our freezer, Our friend Ryan who just moved here from Colorado is going to help us out so it should be pretty fun. untill then...


Jeremy said...

This is sooo exciting!!
I am so proud of you guys! You are getting things done despite the crazy sitations!

5/30/2006 9:43 AM  

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