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Thursday, June 08, 2006

raining and raining and raining....

This week has been pretty rough to say the least. It has literally been raining, sorta raining, or threatening rain all week. Obviously the weather has been making our motivation level pretty low since our business depends on favorable weather. In an attempto remain sorta productive we have been taking care of a few things for some of our other endeavors and dealing with a few things around the house. We have been printing a few things for , ( which is returning from the printer next week) and rearranging and cleaning the house and trying to get motivated to re design/ re build our booth. We have gotten a few shortcake related things taken care of though, we finally found strawberry slicers! we put together our industrial shelf to hold all of our shortcake related stuff at the house and got that pretty organized. Oh another thing we haven't mentioned yet but is a bit of a big deal. Anna, our shortcake baker, went back home to Italy yesterday for a bit. She says she will be back but is not 100% sure if immigration will let her back in the country.... I blame George Bush.... However, because she knew she was leaving she did bake us a few hundred more shortcakes so we are stocked up if she has a tough time getting back. Thanks Anna you are the best! today is cart re-building day! pray for sun everyone, and come out to coney this weekend, we'll be there!


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