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Monday, May 29, 2006

We had a "Sold Out" day!!

Yeah that's right. We totally sold out of strawberries today! We started off our day by actually sticking around the house for and extra hour or so and made some stencil on wood signs. Yesterdy it was pretty obviuos that a lot of people had no idea what strawberry shortcake was. So being designers we, quickly put together a graphic that resembled a strawberry shortcake, and kalene stenciled it with the quickness... By the time we got out tho the boardwalk it was alreaddy poppin. There were people everywhere! Once we got set up, the first few sales were slow, but after and hour or two, the sales got better and beter, untill we were actually "slammed" it was great. And the our good friends Sal and nick showed up just a the right time to get the one of the last tastes for the day before we ran out of strawberries. Thanks for comming by Sal and Nick! Well, tomorrow is another day, We are hoping for it to be our biggest so far. keep your fingers crossed for us, or instead of that, come out and see us!


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