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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cart Built, missing camera? Sign?

Today we spent most of the day out on the boardwalk building our stand and cleaning the freezer. It was absolutely beautiful out there all day and there were quite a few locals and the occasional tourist/photo crew enjoying the weather. As for the stand assembly, all the pieces came together as planned, with only minor issues that were easily adjusted. Big thanks to Our friend Ryan Philbrick for taking his first Q train ride all the way from Manhattan all the way out to Coney (like the Warriors) to help us out today. If it wasn't for him we would have gotten soooo much less done. Thanks Ryan, we owe you one. The biggest bummer about today,is that our digital camera might have gotten stolen... Kalene remembered it being one place and then thought it went in with the stuff we brought home.... but it was not. we will check and let you know tomorrow if it turns up, but because of that there will be no picts from the boardwalk today.... sorry. We got home and were pretty exhausted, but somehow found a second wind and decided to not give up on the sign and we sanded and painted quite a bit. Becasue of all the work we got done on it tonight the sign just might be ready for Friday.... fingers crossed. The colors rule! untill tomorrow... when we hopefully finish the cart, go pick up strawberries, pick up shortcakes, go to Jetro, check on our cart....


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