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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our first day...

Well, Today was our fisrts day. We got to Coney island and the weather was already pretty bad... There was nobody on the boardwalk, and our motivation level was pretty low. We did manage to get a camera working and can now finally upload some pictures. But the rain got worse and worse so after an hour or two of waiting we left. We didn't even put up our "temporary signs" today.... I'm sure your wondering why we have a "temporary signs"? Well we got a call from Cha Cha last night and he was pretty upset. He said our stand was "too high" and that it will "block his daiquiri cart" Well, that really caught us off guard, we have been really trying to stick to the dimensions set in our contract, 5 foot x the depth of the daiquiri cart is what we agreed too, our refridgerated shortcake station ( which still isn't fixed...) is a certain size and as a result our cart needs to be a certain size to accommodate.... but if we have to "shorten" our cart we can figure it out, because we still want to sell strawberry short cake on the boardwalk at coney island this summer..... we didn't sell a single shortcake today, but we didn't even try... we will be open for business tomorrow, so if you come out to Coney Island come by and say hello, and buy a shortcake...


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