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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We had A great Memorial Day!

We had another successful day selling strawberry shortcake on the boardwalk today. We made 4 times as many strawberries as we had yesterday and we still sold out by 5pm! Kalene drove to our secret Mexican market to get some more but by the time she got back a thunderstorm had rolled in and cleared the place out. It was all good though, our third day on the board walk and we are definitely starting to get our rhythm and get this whole strawberry shortcake selling thing figured out. I have developed quite a "sales pitch" yelling at people at the top of my lungs telling them how "fresh and delicious" our strawberry shortcake is, and it seems to work quite well. Our friends Steve and Nancy came by to visit and sample our product today and they loved it so much they came back for seconds. Unfortunately they came back after we had already sold out. Next time guys... You are still our "customers of the day". Today a few of the locals finally started accepting that our Strawberry Shortcake stand as a possible good idea. I don't think any of them were very excited about it at first... Anthony the guy who started "Shoot the Freak" and has been coaching us on the ways of Coney Island for the past 4 or 5 days finally told us that although he was skeptical in the beginning he actually thinks we might be on to something. He even suggested we open a few more stands around the park and get a traveling cart for street fairs around the city.... he might be right, he did start a super successful business shooting people with paint balls in an empty lot... This is Frank. He is one of the coolest dudes on Coney Island. He looks after us. We are going to take a day or two off from selling shortcakes to regroup, but we will keep you updated when cool shit happens. Thanks for reading.


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