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Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's all about the people

I'm starting to realize what is going to make this shortcake business so fun for us. The people: a passerby that turns into a customer at the sight of strawberries and whip-cream, The locals and other shop owners that stop by our booth to say hello and welcome us to Coney Island ( there are not to many new businesses being started here every year), and our friends that come out to support our little business. I know we will get to know so many people over the course of the summer. Some will become good friends, and others will only stop by the booth once and never return, but the idea that they are all there because of strawberry shortcake and (hopefully) all of them will leave our booth with a smile on their face and some strawberries, whip-cream, and shortcake in their bellies is pretty awesome.


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