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Monday, June 12, 2006

We need a list

crazy day - so unorganized. It should of been one of our best days yet since the boardwalk was crowded with people celebrating Puerto Rico Day. However, We woke up late (we were so exhausted from the week) got ready.... had to stop at jetro on the way out. got to coney island and realized that we forgot the red tips to the whipped cream machines (we need these to dispense it) ran to the local store bought two cans of ready whip. dan went back to coney island shortcakes and i hopped in the car to go home to get tips..... much time later..... i remembered that i gave my house key to mark (upstairs neighbor) so that he could plant tomato plants in the backyard .... back to coney island... got key... back home.... got tips and headed back.... dan was very stressed turning people away because he had run out of ready whip. not such a great shortcake day. NOTE: make a check-list next week.


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