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Saturday, June 17, 2006

our first friday

Our first Friday was pretty good. It is definitely different out at coney Island on a Friday afternoon. People are out there to have fun and most of them either work strange hours, have the day off, or maybe don't work at all. One girl, who's name I don't remember, was at cha cha's when we opened around 12pm hanging out, dancing with everyone that came into the bar that would dance with her and having a good time, and she was still there when we left at like 10pm, that what i call taking the day off to hang out at the beach. In fact I think there were a bunch of other people that were hanging out at the bar all day, not a bad way to spend a friday.... We did have a little scare today though, About half way throught the day our shortcake staion stopped working, we were pretty upset and thought it was over... kalene was pissed and I was frantically calling Mike the guy who sold it to us, h was very little help and We were super bummed. We unplugged it for a while and then tried it again. and it actually worked! Antony from Shoot the freak, recommended drilling holes in the back of our cart to improve airflow... sounds like a good idea for tomorrow...


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